Storybase 2.0 Software for Writers

Storybase 2.0 provides direct access to an amazing clipboard of narrative writing prompts that can be personalized with your characters. A sure cure for writer’s block, Storybase 2.0 can help your writing project come alive.
Used by thousands of screenwriters, novelists, playwrights, game developers and copywriters worldwide, Storybase 2.0 utilizes the power of suggestion to stimulate the creative process.    View Screenshots
“Storybase’s seemingly-infinite combinations suggest ways you might proceed…directions you may not otherwise consider.”
Scr(i)pt Magazine“Storybase will help jumpstart the creative process, suggesting stories that fit motivations and character.”
EMMY Magazine“A smart program… A whole host of plot possibilities came into focus. How does this thing know so much about my story…?”
Christopher Vogler – bestselling author of The Writer’s Journey: Mythic Structure for Writers

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Key Features
  •    Quickly create customized Character Sets that contain the names of your characters;
  •    Achieve focused brainstorming by filtering the database with combinations of up to three Mindsets and three Thrust/Action values;
  •    View suggested Lead-ins and Lead-outs – and build your story both forward and backward;
  •    Easily export or paste the Situations from Storybase 2.0 into your favorite word processor, visual outliner or screenplay formatter;
  •    Best of all, Storybase 2.0 is extremely easy and fun to use!
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1. Create your own Character Sets

Create a customized Character Set for each of your writing projects and easily assign your character names to the Characters in Storybase 2.0. By personalizing the Situations with your character names, the database becomes alive with the power of suggestion.

2. Select up to three Mindset values

In Storybase 2.0 the Situations are cross-referenced so you can select up to three

Mindset values that refer to your character’s present mental condition. By finding Situations that match your character’s mindset you can look at your story from a specific character’s point of view.

3. Select up to three Thrust/Action values

In Storybase 2.0 the Situations are cross-referenced so you can select up to three Thrust/Action values that refer to the present scene or situation in your story. By exploring the Action of your story, you can discover new ways to maintain dramatic tension while moving the story forward.

4. Browse, Copy and Paste the Situations

Once you’ve personalized the characters with your customized names and selected a Mindset and/or an Thrust/Action you will see between 25 to 100 or more relevant, targeted conflict Situations that suggest ways your story can proceed.  Easily copy and paste or drag and drop the Situations into a built-in text editor, or into your favorite word processor or visual outliner.

5. Expand your Story with Lead-ins and Lead-outs

Each conflict Situation in Storybase 2.0 is linked to several suggestions for ways your

story can move forward or backward.  By exploring these Leadins and Leadouts, you can develop narrative sequences of related Situations (“plot strings”).  Easily copy and paste or drag and drop the strings into your favorite word processor, and use them as the basis for an outline or a character profile.

Remember, sometimes it takes just one flash of insight to get your story energized and moving in the right direction.  Use Storybase 2.0 during any phase of your creative process, whenever your story becomes blocked or stuck.