Stories of Most Unusual Jobs


We all have people we know that have some of the most unusual jobs and they have some crazy stories to share as well. One of the stories that has been told for a very long time involves a hypnotherapist who was excellent at doing his job. He had many successful interventions and all of his patients were miraculously cured from alcoholism, drug abuse, sexual deviancy and whatnot. He had seen some pretty weird things and had some very strange stories to tell, but none as interesting as his one failure.

It was just like any other day when he met the first man he couldn’t get through. This was a man that came because his family urged him and he didn’t want to come at all. But this was the case with most alcoholics, so he wasn’t surprised. This was a man who spent real money playing online casino games throughout the day. He’d sit in front of the PC switching from one online casino to another, spending money and everything. He had his phone with him all the time, and he had access to mobile casinos at all times. His family was worried and brought him to therapy day after day, and the hypnotherapist didn’t want to give up as this would be his first failure, but eventually he had to. He couldn’t even communicate with the man, as if he were possessed.

The family came to visit the doctor 3 months later, just to tell him the stories of what happened – the man he couldn’t cure didn’t need curing. He had a weird sense and it came true – he continued playing and won the jackpot, which enabled him to build his mobile casino business, and that he’d became a millionaire. Why don’t you try your luck at, you may be the next one who will win the jackpot? Take advantage of every single bonus you run into, and who knows, and maybe today is your lucky day.

Pick Up Artist Instructor

Amongst the most unusual jobs is being an instructor to pick-up artists. In fact, Pick up artists (PUAs) are people who have a strange habit of seducing people, which is why they are a seduction community. By being a pick up artist, you have one of the most unusual jobs of instructing men and women how to pick up dates. Imagine all the crazy stories you could tell!

 Machine Slot Supervisor

You’d never suggest that a supervisor for machines for slots games would have some of the most uncommon jobs, as this is seen as a very dull job. However, magic happens in front of the slots machines, which isn’t very surprising. There is a true story about such supervisor who noticed an ugly-looking homeless man enter his workplace, one of the best Las Vegas casinos. The man obviously doesn’t have a lot of money, but sits down at a slots machine and wins the jackpot instantly. He turns around and switches seats with another one. He wins again! He goes to a third one, and wins an incredible third jackpot!

The man withdrew his money and just as he was about to leave the door, he looks back and sees the blackjack games. He wants to try his luck with a good hand and goes “all-in”, believing in his luck. He had everything and managed to lose everything within less than half an hour. So if you have a dream about lotto numbers or casino bonuses similar to this offer of no deposit bonus up to $999, wake up! It’s not a dream, only the best bonus offer by top-notch casino sites, calling you to try your luck and become a rich man!

Ethical Hacker

Imagine what kinds of stories hackers have to tell, as they their hands on very sensitive information. However, one of the most unusual jobs is the Robin Hood of the internet era – the ethical hacker. These people have the most unusual jobs of fighting for justice through the internet. We all know some of them and their stories – the Anonymous which are a world-wide known group of such hacktivists as they call themselves.

Nail Polish Namer

Although a nail polish namer doesn’t have a lot of cool stories to share, he or she would surely have one of the most unusual jobs. How does a nail polish name the nail polishes honestly? Is there a unified rule on which colors should be called what? Do nail polish namers have to try all nail polishes in order to determine the names? We don’t know for sure, but it surely is one of the most ridiculous and fun jobs!