Unexplained Strange True Stories from Storybase

Are you looking for something that will drive your adrenaline up? Are you in constant search for unexplained things that are beyond human comprehension? Do you want to start believing in strange but true stories? You’ve come to the right place. We have a very large collection of what you seek to find. Strange true stories that will keep you at the edge of your seat? Stories that will give you the chills? Or stories that will inspire you to do greater things? We have them all. 

The Art of Storytelling

Storytelling is a dynamic art that includes a lot of skill, patience, value of tradition and most importantly, creativity. Living in each country and each region has different meaning, and it is essential that we cherish it. After all, we all know some odd and interesting stories that our grandparents kept telling us. If we are lucky, we get to witness one or another in our life. You can find great stories in every place you look around you: in your life and the people in it, in the movies you watch, and in the games you play when you have free time. Short for simulated slots, these sim slots could be the inspiration for the next great story you tell. Perhaps a one where you win a huge jackpot that changes everything. Still, the most interesting ones date way back before our generations. They’ve been carried through generations and each next one added their own unique touch to them. The interesting thing – they all feature an unexplained event. Sometimes you’d wonder what the initial truth was. It is unexplained what Socrates actually did, or if Alexander the Great got to unite half of the world. Still, we will know that we have a part of our world history that we need to cherish. Essentially, storytelling is very significant because it kept the spark in your eyes when we were young. It might even motivated us to do some things, even if we are unaware of it. However, the most important part of storytelling is that most of the stories are worth to remember. They still need to be passed on from one to another generation, as they are the roots of our culture. In the case of storytelling, these somewhat strange but true stories are our history. And tradition is very significant, and it can truly pave the path for the future generations.
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Real Life Stories That Became Famous Hollywood Movies

There are thousands of strange stories that are true and found their way as scripts for famous Hollywood movies.  Unexplained phenomena and paranormal activities happen a lot, and many people have witnessed them. Such events in the past sometimes become a story base for a movie that can turn out quite popular. Let’s take The Exorcist for example. This is a very creepy, story talking about an unexplained bizarre case of a person being possessed by demons. Or 2007 movie The Girl Next Door, that talks about the oddest story involving a neighbourhood crime.

Extraordinary Stories

Asides from unexplained creepy events that will give you the chills, there are some strange true stories that will make you believe that there is something else out there. Of course, these are the times when something that has no chance of happening actually happened. It is still unexplained, even after decades or centuries.

Like the story for the average man who was tired of his life and wanted to test fate. All his life he was told that he was very lucky, but he never actually believed it. He never took betting and despised the men who did this, even if his own brother did it often. Look here for sites that, much like the brother of the protagonist in our story, you too can use and make real money while gambling on your favorite sports teams and athletes. He wasn’t looking for the best casino when he decided one day to go into the bank and withdraw all his life savings. He didn’t do it on purpose either. Also, he had an unexplainable feeling. He just had a strange gut feeling like he wanted to do something odd and prove everyone wrong about him being lucky.

When he went in, the first casino game in front of him were the roulette games. He sat there betting and put all the money he had on 13. There was a moment of silence as the employee on the roulette games checked if those were real money. After he was sure that those were real money, he spinned the wheel. The man couldn’t believe that he had almost tripled his money and gained $270 000. These are the kinds of strange true stories that can make you recalculate your whole life, right? You too can try your luck in online casino games without risk, with the no deposit bonus from Sansdepot-be.

Creepy and Paranormal Stories

Creepy and Paranormal Stories

The most common unexplained stories are very creepy; we can all agree on it. And since many people witness them a lot of times, we cannot help but assume that a great majority of them are true. Most of these stories include some kind of unexplained presence of a figure that can do different tasks. Also, it is notable that a lot of people after having lost someone, or after a very important part of their life feel or see things. In most cases, these unexplained actions are seen as some signs. There are a lot of customs related to such unexplained stories too. Actually, there is almost no proof that unexplained, paranormal activities aren’t real either. So, although it sounds creepy, it is believed by many that when you are feeling an unexplained light touch or if an item falls down, it means that someone else is also there. If you are one of those who love a good scare playing online games, we might have the perfect gift for you. Meet the best mobile casinos in Canada, and play free the best-rated horror-themed slots games by taking advantage of their free spins bonuses. You will find highly prominent game titles inspired by the most popular horror movies.

Unexplained Stories

Although science is exact and very powerful, there is still much that it cannot find a way to explain. For instance, people have seen, heard or believe something that cannot be that is still unexplained. There is such a strong storybase software, regardless of how developed it is, cannot possibly deny it. In cases like this, strict scientist try to refute it, but it sometimes isn’t easily rebuttable. There are cases of a lot of bizarre and strange true stories that have been backed up with photos or even videos and provable story base. These inexplicable phenomena include all types of creatures including ghosts, man-like beasts, UFOs, aliens and just strange energy. But they aren’t always scary, there are some amazing experiences at the line between life and death too. These are truly incredible and worth of anyone’s attention.