Extraordinary UFO stories

The truth about UFOs is now available on the internet. Some 130,000 pages of the US Air Force have been put online in The Black Vault database. These American archives record thousands of UFO visions around the world between 1947 and 1969.

John Greenewald, a passionate author, is behind this groundbreaking publication. He has, for years, multiplied proceedings against the US government in order to obtain these valuable documents. Of the thousands of cases listed, 701 remain to date without explanation despite investigations by air Force personnel.

The US Air Force stopped its work on UFOs in 1985. The US military concluded “that no reported UFO, investigated and assessed by the US Air Force, has ever given any indication of a threat to our national security [and that]there has been no sign that visions classified as’unidentified ‘correspond to extraterrestrial vehicles.” Francetv info chose three amazing UFO stories that took place in France.

  • Mysterious saucer in the French Sky

This phenomenon intrigued Europe at the end of the summer of 1954. On August 31, a Parisian looked up at the sky and saw a luminous circular object flying over the capital. An observation that, for the US Air Force, lacks consistency to infer anything. But a few days later, a similar phenomenon was observed in the Departments of the Somme and Aisne.

On 7 September 1954, at 7 o’clock in the morning, a 27-year-old Mason and his worker saw a “flying saucer” 10 metres in diameter and 3 metres high. The two men even think of distinguishing a door on one side of the flying object that moves slowly in the sky from the sum. After flying over a field at an altitude of 200 metres, the grey “flying saucer” rises into the sky before disappearing without a sound and leaving a trace of smoke. But, once there, the policemen did not find any trace of the phenomenon described by the Mason and his worker.

On the same day, three people observe an orange red light disc which suddenly stops at an altitude of 300-400 meters in the sky of the Aisne. The object seems to have, on its upper side, a small tip that illuminates. A curious story that repeats itself in Finland, Italy, Austria and the Netherlands, according to the testimonies gathered. The US Air Force does not provide any explanation at first. The” Flying Saucer ” observed in the Somme could be a simple balloon. However, the US Army put forward “two simple reasons” for this European phenomenon. The Press, by relaying these stories, would have encouraged people to invent their own observation to enjoy a moment of Fame. More surprisingly, this sudden interest in UFOs could be explained by the release of the book The file of flying saucers by Donald Keyhoe, translated into several languages. UFOs are undoubtedly the favorite topic among gamers, and even casino software providers developed slots games inspired by these stories. Visit the https://www.games-elite.com/Cashable_Bonuses_Explained.html guide and learn where you can find the most popular real-money slot games and how to play them free.

  • 2A cyclist thinks he sees extraterrestrials near Amiens

On May 10, 1957, at approximately 10: 45 pm, A man biked in Beaucourt-sur-l’ancre, a village near Amiens (Somme), when he saw a “powerful light signal” and four silhouettes. Frightened, the man is speeding towards the nearest house. The owners are eager to welcome him and listen to his story. All three look out the window and observe a light that oscillates between red and white. Near the light, the witnesses managed to distinguish three men barely 1.50 m tall, dressed in a beige and grey suit. Some are on the road, others in the field next to it.

The couple and the cyclist decide to call the police. Thirty minutes later, they accompanied the security forces to the road where the strange silhouettes were. A black, slightly sticky substance marks the floor and appears to attest to the witnesses ‘ version.

The investigators ‘ first conclusion on this case is clear : no country has a plane that could fit the description of the witnesses. “This means that these apparitions come from another world,” the document says. But, a few pages later, the US Air Force classifies the eyewitness account as”unreliable.” The French authorities as well as the US Air Force eventually conclude that the extraterrestrials were really cows and the stains on the ground were Tar.

  • 3The “Phantom of Orly” is spreading terror among the drivers

The event occurred on the night of February 17-18, 1956. An echo draws the attention of air traffic controllers at Orly Airport, near Paris. An object, twice as large as the largest aircraft in service at the time, appears on the air traffic control radar. Techs are monitoring his trajectory. The UFO was flying at a supersonic speed of about 2,500 km / h before coming to rest over the airport for four hours.

Suddenly, the object is flying at lightning speed on an Air France plane from London. The Orly control tower is alerting the on-board personnel. The pilot decided to change course to avoid a flashing red light heading straight for him. A few minutes later, he even distinguished the huge black object before it disappeared. The “ghost of Orly” terrified the pilots who were to take off or land that night at Orly. “It was amazing !”recounts a radar technician in the press of the time.

The French government then put all the means in place to solve the riddle of the “ghost of Orly”. But investigators quickly find that air traffic control tools are working perfectly. In this case, the conclusion of the investigation is unclear. The US Air Force simply checked the box corresponding to an astronomical phenomenon, which here would be due to the planet Venus, while specifying that the data are insufficient to conclude.