Spine Chilling Paranormal Stories

We all have weird stories of creepy dolls, Unexplained Phenomena or scary noises in the middle of the night. For Halloween, we asked our readers to tell us the most disturbing paranormal things that had experienced. Here are their stories:

  1. These mysterious footprints

“I always knew my house was haunted. It’s almost a century old, and its previous owner died in it. There are natural objects that disappear or change places and sometimes even doors/drawers that open themselves. But the scariest thing that happened to me was that I found a handprint on a window that hadn’t been opened for months on the outside window of the 2nd floor and footprints on my ceiling the same day.”

  1. A very creepy silhouette

“I remember this moment very well. I had just arrived in France. I lived in a small village in Burgundy. It was about 3: 00 in the morning. I wake up to go to the bathroom. Like anyone who wakes up, I’m out of breath with my eyes half open. The washrooms are located just opposite of the bedroom’s door, separated by a long hallway that leads to the entrance to the house. So to get to the bathroom, I had to cross the hall wide.

After I peed, I went back to bed, and at the moment when I crossed to get back to the room, I stopped. I saw a black silhouette at the end of the hall, towards the entrance. It was dark, and I couldn’t see anything from afar, I could see a blur. A voice emanates from the silhouette and then tells me in my mother language “What are you doing, go back to sleep!” in a hurry. I recognized my father’s voice.

However, at the time my father worked very far from home that night he spent the night at his work. But naively I thought to myself “ah he came home early tonight, it’s great.”

So I went back to bed. The next day when I woke up, I asked my mother where my father was because I saw him come home. She said, ” He’s at work. What are you saying?”

  1. That fire that’s going on all by itself

“My uncle always said he could feel the presence of spirits. He and my mother own two semi-detached houses in a small village, just in front of a cemetery. My uncle says that my mother’s house has no problem, but he is full of evil spirits (I can confirm that before I knew this story, I always felt terrible as soon as I set foot in my uncle’s house, and never in my mother’s).

Once, my uncle rented the house to a group of people. The next morning at the beginning of the rental, he found them in their car, terrified in front of his house. They were waiting to give him back the keys. The night before, after their arrival, the fire had rekindled itself, and the doors had started to crack. They were so scared that they got back in the car and drove an hour and a half in the middle of the night to give him back the keys.”

  1. Ghosts speak to my guests

“People who come to my house say they hear voices. Last time, two people who don’t know each other came to my house, a few days apart, and they both heard voices. Their speeches were perfectly consistent, and my friends told the same thing.” A friendly ghost.

  1. This dream is a little too real

“A long time ago, I slept at my grandmother’s house in an old bed with bars on the head and at the foot of the bed. In my sleep, I felt that something was grabbing me by my feet, and when I woke up, I had both feet coming out of bed, through the bars. It’s like I slipped to the back of the bed. So you can tell it’s not much, but I’ve been afraid of my life.”