How Storybase works

The heart of Storybase is a collection of 2,363 unique, narrative, conflict-based story situations that work equally well for comedy or drama. Plug in the name of your point-of-view character (your Protagonist), choose his/her Mindset and the Thrust, or action, of your scene or overall story, and Storybase instantly provides from 25 to 100 solid, conflict-based plot suggestions that are appropriate to your story, your characters!

To see how easily Storybase adapts to your story, enter the names of your Protagonist, Antagonist, and Friend/Lover in the spaces below!

1. Characters

Start by creating a Character Set, using your characters’ names, and their roles. (Protagonist, Antagonist, Friend/Lover).

Create as many Character Sets as you wish.

Change point-of-view by making any of your characters the “Protagonist.” Explore situations involving any combination of your characters, in any role. If they’re Family, click that checkbox. If your story involves a McGuffin (key physical Object “X”), click that box.


2. Mindset

Select up to three Mindset values that best describe where your Protagonist is coming from – how she/he is feeling – in the scene or overall story you’re writing.

Mindset tells Storybase what kind of emotional material you’re looking for.

Later, experiment with other choices. It’s like having a professional writing coach at your side!


3. Thrust

Thrust describes the essential action, the dramatic or comedic direction of your scene or story. Select up to three Thrust values that come closest to what you’re working on.

Thrust tells Storybase to find situations that take your story where you want it to go.

Again, later, try other combinations of Thrust and Mindset.


4. Conflicts

You’ve chosen your Protagonist, his/her Mindset, and the Thrust of your story or scene.

Now, click on Conflicts. Storybase searches its 2,363 Conflict Situations and immediately offers you from 25 to 100 or more – with your characters’ names in place – that match your Mindset and Thrust parameters. Select the Conflicts that work for your story, and Copy/Paste or Drag/Drop them into Storybase’s built-in text editor or into your word processor.

Or, select a Conflict Situation and go to


5. Leads

Click on Leads and begin to build a plot-or-scene sequence of related Situations – Lead-ins and Lead-outs! Let Storybase give you what no other writer’s software provides, suggesting multiple narrative sequences that move your story forward or backward!

Develop a plot-string – or several of them – in minutes, then Copy/Paste or Drag/Drop into Storybase’s built-in text editor or into your word processor.

That’s Storybase – the ultimate writer’s story-building tool. 5 simple steps to access the riches of this amazing software program!

You’ll wonder how you ever got along without it!

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