Virtual Tour – Overview

storybase is a content-rich, interactive, fun-to-use creative resource that will help you become a more effective writer.

Just as conflict is the life force of dramatic storytelling, storybase is powered by an engine of 2363 essential Conflicts – brief suggestions for dramatic or comedic relationships, for scenes and story material – covering virtually every dimension of the human condition.

These Conflicts form the basic elemental pieces of your story – they are useful during every phase of your creative process.

With storybase, you will:

  • Experience creative inspiration
  • Structure powerful stories that resonate
  • Develop nuanced, humancharacters
  • Explore your own ideasmore deeply
  • Achieve focusedbrainstorming
  • Overcome procrastination and inertia

Take our short Virtual Tour and learn how storybase can work for you.

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