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Hero conceives Nemesis
Hero senses Nemesisís love
Hero communicates with Nemesis
Hero performs a rhythm with Nemesis
Hero enables Nemesisís venture to succeed
Hero senses something special about Nemesis
Hero exposes Nemesis to new form of pleasure
Hero orchestrates a performance with Nemesis
Hero has an elaborate dream involving Nemesis
Hero performs an intimate ritual with Nemesis
Among a crowd of people, Hero notices Nemesis
Hero prevents Nemesis from making a huge mistake
Hero shares an extraordinary moment with Nemesis
Hero rescues Nemesis from a precarious situation
Hero feels something powerful in Nemesisís presence
Hero senses that Nemesis is thinking the same thing
Hero does something that indirectly benefits Nemesis
Hero keeps seeing people who look like Nemesis
Hero thinks Nemesisís sudden appearance was not an accident
Hero breaks the tension by causing Nemesis to laugh hysterically
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