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Hero exposes Nemesis to new ideas
Hero learns that Nemesis is mortal
Hero sees through Nemesisís faÁade
Hero discovers Nemesisís true identity
Hero forms a new conception of Nemesis
Hero is surprised by Nemesisís reaction
Hero sees something familiar in Nemesis
Hero learns about object (X) from Nemesis
Hero becomes aware of Nemesisís deception
Hero reveals a long-held secret to Nemesis
Hero discovers that Nemesis is an imposter
Hero senses a past connection with Nemesis
Hero is surprised by what Nemesis knows
Hero leads Nemesis into a new consciousness
Hero notices something special about Nemesis
Hero discovers the source of Nemesisís power
Hero uncovers the truth about Nemesisís past
Hero sees things from Nemesisís point-of-view
Hero notices an inconsistency in Nemesisís story
Hero reveals the secret of object (X) to Nemesis
Hero finds hidden meaning in a message from Nemesis
Hero discovers that Nemesis is concealing something
Hero is shocked to discover the truth about Nemesis
Hero senses that Nemesis exists in another dimension
Hero experiences what it feels like to be Nemesis
Hero is transformed during an interlude with Nemesis
Hero suddenly realizes that Nemesis is a pathological liar
Hero is surprised when Nemesis reveals something unexpected
Hero discovers that Nemesisís power had been underestimated
Hero is startled to discover something unexpected about Nemesis
Hero discovers that Nemesis is the cause of a strange phenomenon
Hero is surprised to find object (X) among Nemesisís possessions
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