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Hero eludes Nemesis
Hero chases Nemesis
Hero detains Nemesis
Hero hides from Nemesis
Hero searches for Nemesis
Hero sneaks up on Nemesis
Hero enters Nemesisís domain
Hero chases Nemesis into a corner
Hero lures Nemesis out of position
Hero maneuvers Nemesis into a trap
Hero lures Nemesis to a remote location
Hero tries to get Nemesis to slow down
Hero searches for Nemesisís hiding place
Hero tries to anticipate Nemesisís next move
Hero scrambles to avoid being killed by Nemesis
Hero lures Nemesis by using object (X) as bait
Hero wears a disguise in order to capture Nemesis
Hero eludes Nemesis by hiding in an unlikely place
Hero is unable to prevent Nemesis from getting away
Hero devises a way to secretly track Nemesisís movements
Hero struggles to obtain object (X) before Nemesis gets it
Hero plans an elaborate scheme in order to get close to Nemesis
Hero collaborates with Nemesis in an attempt to create object (X)
While on the run from Nemesis, Hero tries to track down the truth
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