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Hero blocks Nemesis
Hero is confined by Nemesis
Hero alters Nemesisís routine
Hero views Nemesis as a burden
Hero is interrupted by Nemesis
Hero gives in to Nemesisís demands
Hero becomes entangled in Nemesisís drama
Hero is prevented from being with Nemesis
Hero struggles to communicate with Nemesis
Hero tries to overpower Nemesisís resistance
Hero struggles to get past Nemesisís barriers
Hero realizes Nemesis has a superior position
Hero tries to help Nemesis overcome hardship
Delayed by Nemesis, Hero misses an opportunity
Hero struggles to overcome Nemesisís advantage
Hero fails to notice that Nemesis has set a trap
Hero is forced into a confrontation with Nemesis
Hero tries to prevent Nemesis from getting away
Hero is prevented from communicating with Nemesis
Hero discovers that Nemesis has a powerful defense
Hero goes forward despite resistance from Nemesis
Hero struggles to break free from Nemesisís control
Hero gets entangled in a situation involving Nemesis
Hero learns that object (X) is guarded closely by Nemesis
Hero encounters problems as a result of Nemesisís mistake
While rushing to meet a deadline, Hero is distracted by Nemesis
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