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Hero tricks Nemesis
Hero is fooled by Nemesis
Hero is baffled by Nemesis
Hero pretends to be Nemesis
Hero pretends to know Nemesis
Hero fails to recognize Nemesis
Hero falls for Nemesisís facade
Hero pretends to understand Nemesis
Hero believes Nemesisís false story
Hero becomes lost in Nemesisís world
Hero plays a role in Nemesisís dream
Hero tries to be subtle with Nemesis
Hero creates a mythology about Nemesis
Hero is tricked by Nemesisís deception
Hero sends Nemesis an anonymous message
Hero discovers that Nemesis is an enigma
Hero mistakes Nemesis for someone else
Hero pretends that Nemesis is a stranger
Hero sees Nemesis in a different light
Hero thinks Nemesis has a secret identity
Hero adopts some of Nemesisís mannerisms
Hero projects a shadow self onto Nemesis
Hero pretends to believe Nemesisís story
Hero fails to see the obvious about Nemesis
Hero investigates Nemesisís strange behavior
Hero suddenly disappears from Nemesisís life
Hero projects a false conception onto Nemesis
Hero causes Nemesis to become disoriented
Hero tries to discover Nemesisís true identity
Hero struggles to interpret Nemesisís behavior
Hero receives an ambiguous signal from Nemesis
Hero assumes that Nemesis is aware of a problem
Hero is unable to accept the truth about Nemesis
Hero introduces Nemesis to a new way of thinking
Hero tries to avoid being manipulated by Nemesis
Hero tries to make Nemesis see things differently
Hero pretends to be fooled by Nemesisís deception
Hero is puzzled by Nemesisís response to a gesture
Hero obfuscates in response to Nemesisís questions
Hero doesn't believe Nemesisís act was accidental
Hero finds hidden meaning in a message from Nemesis
Hero keeps seeing people who look like Nemesis
Hero is unaware of something fundamental about Nemesis
Hero fails to notice that Nemesis is wearing a disguise
Hero is frustrated when Nemesis is unable to understand
Hero is puzzled by something that happened with Nemesis
Hero fails to realize that Nemesis has an ulterior motive
Hero fails to notice that Nemesis has secretly intervened
After pushing Nemesis away, Hero tries to lure Nemesis back
Hero knows Nemesis is lying but says nothing about it
Hero becomes distracted during a transaction with Nemesis
Hero invents a story in order to get something from Nemesis
Hero is forced to leave Nemesis but cannot reveal the reasons
Hero notices change but doesn't know Nemesis made it happen
Hero causes Nemesis to misperceive the value of object (X)
Hero prevents Nemesis from realizing that something has changed
Hero forms an opinion about Nemesis during a brief encounter
Hero notices something strange but doesn't mention it to Nemesis
Hero feels an unexpected emotion during an encounter with Nemesis
Hero tries to hide the reality of a difficult situation from Nemesis
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