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Hero reconciles with Nemesis
Hero loses touch with Nemesis
Hero says goodbye to Nemesis
Hero disappears from Nemesisís life
Hero learns to appreciate Nemesis
Hero seeks a fresh start with Nemesis
Hero nurtures Nemesisís transformation
Hero sees Nemesis in a different light
Hero is amazed by Nemesisís transformation
Hero reveals a long-held secret to Nemesis
Hero challenges Nemesisís prior conceptions
Hero celebrates a new beginning with Nemesis
Hero introduces Nemesis to a new way of life
Hero influences Nemesis to behave differently
Hero starts to feel differently about Nemesis
Hero causes Nemesis to go in a new direction
Hero becomes more deeply involved with Nemesis
Exposed to new ideas, Hero turns against Nemesis
After years apart, Hero tries to contact Nemesis
Hero is shocked to discover the truth about Nemesis
Hero feels self-doubt after an argument with Nemesis
Hero is persuaded by Nemesis to go in a new direction
Hero notices when Nemesis moves into the neighborhood
Hero suddenly sees things from Nemesisís point-of-view
Hero breaks an old pattern by spending time with Nemesis
After pushing Nemesis away, Hero tries to lure Nemesis back
Hero senses that Nemesis has become a different person
Hero perceives the passage of time in Nemesisís aging face
Hero establishes a new persona in a relationship with Nemesis
Hero is transformed during an extraordinary experience with Nemesis
Hero loses touch with a previous life while spending time with Nemesis
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