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Hero meets Nemesis
Hero approaches Nemesis
Hero is drawn to Nemesis
Hero enters Nemesis’s world
Hero is fooled by Nemesis’s façade
Hero borrows something from Nemesis
Hero tries to get Nemesis’s attention
Hero embarks on a journey with Nemesis
Hero learns about the legend of Nemesis
Hero sends Nemesis an anonymous message
Hero mistakes Nemesis for someone else
Hero is turned off by Nemesis’s approach
Hero has a premonition involving Nemesis
Posing as someone else, Hero meets Nemesis
Among a crowd of people, Hero notices Nemesis
Hero contrives to get an introduction to Nemesis
Hero tries to finish a project started by Nemesis
Hero forgets Nemesis after their initial encounter
After years apart, Hero tries to contact Nemesis
Hero asks Nemesis to participate in a risky venture
Hero notices when Nemesis moves into the neighborhood
Hero is unaware of something fundamental about Nemesis
Hero pretends to have something in common with Nemesis
Hero is brought together with Nemesis by random chance
Hero senses that Nemesis is headed toward a tragic fate
Hero confronts prejudice by becoming involved with Nemesis
Hero brings unresolved issues into a relationship with Nemesis
Hero pursues ambitions that conflict with Nemesis’s expectations
Hero forms an opinion about Nemesis during a brief encounter
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